Pencil Lines, Watercolour Washes, and Mixed Media Works

*Watercolour and pencil, with a few touches in an art app.

Watercolour and pencil have long been favourite media to work in. And when our boys were little – now four young men – quick pencil lines and washes of watercolour were a handy option. They would often join in as well. The operative word here is “quick”! That’s how it had to be, to fit doses of art in my day. Actually, I think it helped me to loosen up over time, as there was no time to get too particular.

In the past few years of experimenting with drawing on the iPad, I’ve found a few art apps with watercolour media which look pleasingly natural: UBrush Pro app, an example here; the ArtRage app, as seen in this post; and the Sketches app, the third image along in the small gallery here. Although Procreate, and Art Set Pro, are still two of my favourite art apps.

I’ll be participating in July the #WorldWaterColourMonth challenge. It’ll certainly be a challenge; I may not be able to get a watercolour painted every day – though I usually draw or paint something everyday. It’ll be fun trying; and a helpful discipline.

Watercolour Still Life
Graphite pencil with watercolour washes. I really enjoy a strong linear scaffold for some watercolours.
Pencil drawing with art app media
Drawn firstly with black watersoluble pencil, then added colour (freehand) with the artist crayon in Procreate.
A collection of artwork
A few more watercolours displayed in a grid from the Pic Collage app, to show parts that I liked the most. In the tree picture I also used watersouble crayon and gouache. I did the pic of our dog (we have two Jack Russels) in black watercolour pencil, and added a touch of brown wash. A colour version below.
Drawing of a dog
This is in the collection above. I took it into Procreate and drew in some colour with the artist crayon.
Drawing of a woman
I drew this using media in the Procreate app.

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    1. Thank you Paul. Glad you enjoyed these glimpses! Poor old things…they both like to have lots of naps….so that keeps them still enough for me to draw them. Though not the most exciting pose, I suppose. 🙂


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