Watercolour – Flowers 2

Watercolour, graphite pencil (a touch of white gouache in the red petals) on Arches cold pressed 300gsm paper. Size: approx. 9cm x 13cm.

Day 3 of the World Watercolour Month challenge.

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6 thoughts on “Watercolour – Flowers 2

  1. Hi Janette, I love the new flower studies they are great. I bought some oil paints over the last few months just looking for some spare time to do some painting. My favourite subject is flowers and I love the transparency of watercolour.

    Bye for now Wendy Worner

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    1. Thank you Wendy – and so nice of you to drop by here! 🙂 Exciting to hear of your interest in oil painting and watercolours. You are sure to do well in both; you already do great work in your other creative pursuits. Certainly time can be scarce for all we may want to do in a day. I do occasionally find time do paint in acrylics, and I also have oil paints waiting in the wings…. Over the years palette sets of watercolours (and sometimes gouache) have been a quick painting option…and I also love their beautiful transparent colours. As well, I’m still enjoying drawing and painting in art app media – a very quick and handy choice…at times I just mix all kinds of media together! Good fun.
      Hopefully we can catch up for a chat soon, and perhaps with enough time to splash about some watercolours as well. I’m off to do a watercolour for the fourth day of World Water Colour Month challenge. Hmm…may paint flowers again; there’s a few pretty, and ever so hardy geraniums about the place here. Bye for now, all the best, Janette. 🙂


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