Watercolour – Flowers 3

Top left – black watersoluble pencil, watercolour and gouache top right – gouache; bottom – graphite pencil and watercolour. On Fabriano %25 cotton watercolour paper, 300gsm.

Day four of the World Water Colour Month challenge.

I took a photo of a sprig of geranium in the garden, to use as visual info for these watercolours. Even with the frosts we’ve had lately, these hardy plants continue to flower. 

The watercolour at the front worked best..I put the arch of pencil on the top left of it to try and help with the composition. The top left painting became a muddy mess! I liked some of the looseness in the one top right… Oh to get: composition, colour, colour values… to work together within the same painting! Not to worry, always something to learn.

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