Two Landscapes and a Woman’s Face – in Watercolour

Sennelier watercolours. The woman’s face was painted on a A5 sheet of 300gsm Fabriano 25% cotton paper, and the two landscapes are on A6 size, 300gsm Arches paper.

Day 6 of the World Watercolour Month challenge.

This time I put washes of paint on quite wet paper. I tried to keep the watercolours wet and flowing; allowing more of an opportunity for the unexpected to happen… which is half the fun of using watercolours. In the second washes I regained more control.

Tackling landscape painting is way out of my comfort zone. During this watercolour challenge I intend to persevere and paint more landscapes. The practice should help! I find I get a little lost among the hills and trees and fields… I’ll be having a closer look at landscapes beautifully rendered by many artists, both here in WordPress and beyond. I’m much more comfortable with drawing or painting faces – perhaps as over many years, I’ve put plenty of time and practice into doing them. *To enlarge the pics below, please tap on one of them.

Thanks for viewing my work – enjoy your weekend!

4 thoughts on “Two Landscapes and a Woman’s Face – in Watercolour

  1. Votre travail est puissant. Il en ressort une impression de force. Et puis la maîtrise des arts graphiques ! Bravo !

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    1. Je vous remercie! Je suis allé sur “google” traduire pour lire votre message aimable. Je suis content d’avoir mis un widget de traduction sur mon site. C’est un endroit plus convivial à visiter pour les gens du monde entier! 🙂


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