Watercolour and Gouache – Landscape 3


Painted on A4 Kraft paper, with watercolour and gouache, over a watersoluble pencil drawing; and used a little white “Luminance” coloured pencil.

Day 20 of the World Watercolour Month challenge.

This is painted from the same reference photo I used on day 1 of this challenge – taken when out walking our dogs. Perhaps a treescape is a better title. In any case, I find the strong structure of the trees such a help for me when tackling a landscape… 

The shadows on the edge of the paper are due to the curl in the Kraft paper… it also crinkles a fair bit with the colour washes. However, it’s so tough, doesn’t tear, and I like the added character this paper can give to an image.

I’ll give it another once over with the iron, and place it between books again; it will still have a bit of a crinkle, but it’ll be right.

Thanks for viewing my work!

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