Finding Flowers – Watercolour and Gouache


Watercolour, gouache, watersoluble Inktense pencil, on Strathmore hot pressed 300gsm paper. Size: 3.5” x 5”. I put the border on in the Book Creator app.

Day 21 of the World Watercolour Month challenge. 

Flowers in a vase
The above flowers, before I over did them!

I wet the paper a little and splashed on some flower like colours and patterns. With the flower and leaf shapes I found, I further refined them with more watercolour washes. They still looked too formless when dry, so I tried to pull it together using “bark” coloured Inktense pencil lines. I wet the line work a little.

Then I realised I’d hidden too much of the white paper, (which I too often do!) so white gouache to the rescue – I think it helped a bit. I also deepened some darks, and added more colour….I think I over did it.

I’ve included a pic of these flowers before I got too carried away – they have a fresher look, which I prefer.

This was a fun exercise, so was writing this tongue twister to try and describe it!

 Cheerio, till next time!

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