Koala Card – Pencil Drawing with Art App Media

We have some lovely native animals and birds here in Australia, and I thought it’d be fun to make a few drawings/paintings of some of them.

These will be added to other art images I personally print as Art cards, which I sometimes sell locally.

I began my Koala drawing with a graphite pencil sketch on a medium surface, 300gsm “Reeves” watercolour paper, and then scanned it into my iPad, with the “Scanner Pro” app.

I then took it into Procreate and applied freehand some colour work with the “artist crayon” and “pencil”. You can see how this unfolds in the video below.

I love how the art media, along with the texture of the watercolour paper gives the drawing a pastel look.

To print my Art Cards I first send the images to the “Pages” app, and put them on a card template. For my other art prints I also use this app, and centre them on a page to create a border. From there I send them to my Epson printer. *More info about my printing processes, here.

A screenshot of a section from my “Pages” app.

My favourite paper for printing my Art Cards is, “Canson 220gsm Drawing “ paper. It’s a high quality, eco friendly paper, with a lovely texture; and I love the feel of it when I handle it – an important, and enjoyable part of dealing with paper!

Koala mum and baby. You can sort of see the texture of the card here, perhaps a better view of it in the pic below. This is fairly close to how the print looks, though I think it looks better in real life.

On the back of my cards I print the words below. I find it easiest to first type them up in the “Book Creator” app, and then via the Photo section on my iPad, bring them onto the card template, in “Pages”.

Back of my art card
Back of my art card. I’ve changed the wording a bit from the cards I shared in this previous post.

I’ll post a couple more I have for this series soon.

If you’d like to keep informed about some of my art journey, you are welcome to subscribe to my blog posts, here.

Enjoy your day!

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