Kookaburra Card – Pencil Drawing with Art App Media.

As in my Koala drawing, I drew this Kookaburra with a graphite pencil on 300gsm, “Reeves medium surface”  watercolour paper, and then scanned it in with the “Scanner Pro” app.

Print of a Kookaburra drawing.
This is a print proof on a watercolour paper..(similar to the Canson paper I use) so I can check on the colours and contrasts…

And again I used the “artist crayon” and “pencil” in the Procreate app, to add (freehand) the colour work; which gives it a lovely pastel like finish.

Very occasionally I hear a Kookaburra “laughing”, when I’m out walking with our dogs.

For drawing references I’m using photos from Pexel.com.

*There’s a process video below.

This is the set up of the drawing in the “Pages” app, on a card template, and centred on a page for a print with borders. Before I bring it into here, I edit the drawing in the Photo section of the iPad, and do a small proof print(s) to check the colours and contrast….

For the next and final drawing in this style, I’ll draw a Kangaroo. We commonly see large mobs of them in nearby bushland.

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*I’ve recently republished my, “facebook artist page” I’ll see how it goes. I think I’ve managed to switch off the annoying facebook requests for money to boost my posts – not gonna happen!

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