State of Play – on Paper, Canvas, and the iPad

Drawn freehand, with my fingertip, using the delightful swishy Gesinski ink, in the Procreate app. I also used the smudge tool set to Gesinski ink, and some pencil in the app.

I have a selection below of some of the many sketching, paintings and dabblings, from the past few months.

This is acrylic paint thinly applied on canvas. I prefer this looser look to the mother and baby painting I shared in my previous post… I’m hoping not to tighten up as I go along with it. Though a common problem for me!
Pencil on paper, scanned in, and then a little colour drawn freehand in the Procreate app.

After viewing my sketches/paintings…(I tack and prop some of them up to scrutinise them) for a little while. I throw many away, and gesso over the paintings that turn out ghastly, and reuse the canvas; and generally just keep moving along. Collecting them here is also a help to see how I’m travelling…

The larger one is ink pen, a few squiggly lines, I did in one of my sketchbooks; to which I added some watercolour and gouache. Below left is drawn in art app media. And on the right a small watercolour. The “Pic Collage” app was quite handy to frame a few pics together. Although, I do also like to do similar, at times, using the WordPress, “image gallery”.

I think the more you do, the more you learn. Perseverance is certainly important, and a just about a necessity in learning anything!

Watercolour, pencil, ink pen on paper. After I scanned it in, I saw a tiny annoying line mark (still looks annoying!) middle bottom, and took the liberty of drawing over it in the Procreate app.
This is actually 5” x 7” canvas. However, I’ve cropped off half of it, cos it really was not working as a successfulI composition. I did it in water soluble oil paint. Have lots to learn about using oil paint.
I began this in the “Art Set Pro” app, then did a little bit in the “Procreate app”. I ended up doing a small print of it; turned out reasonably well.
The one on the left, watercolour and pencil. On the top right, a cropped part of a drawing from a sketchbook. Underneath it, a watercolour with ink pen, and a little more colour added in an art app. I usually work in A4, or A5 and under. Love miniatures… though plan to do some bigger sizes in 2020.
Drew this with with ink pen and washes of watercolour on 100% cotton, Strathmore mixed media paper, 570gsm. Love this paper! Then I rubbed Dorlands wax over it, to seal it. Gives it a slight, pleasant sheen. It’s a tiny 10cm x 7cm. I put it on a little stand on the dining table.
Top one, is water colour and ink pen. The trees are watercolour. And the cat is pencil and watercolour – quite fun to do!

Thanks for viewing my work/play. I’m now off for my annual blogging break. I’ll be back posting here about mid February 2020.

It’s looking like a long, hot summer here in Australia. Everything is so dry. Regularly, putting out water (and some seed) for the birds and wildlife. Already we have bush fires raging…hope it rains soon!

To everyone, wishing you a safe and Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

”For a child is born to us. A son is given to us; and the government will be on his shoulders. His name will be called Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6 (WEB)

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