“Mother and Baby 1.B” – Acrylic, with a Touch of Gouache

“Mother and Baby 1.B” – Acrylic, with a touch of gouache: on canvas, 5” x 7”. Painted from memory and imagination.

After I applied an “isolation” coat to this, I brushed on a gloss varnish, then 24hrs later, a matt varnish; which created a pleasant satin finish. I’m a bit rusty on my return to acrylic painting – lots of practice will help. 

A little while back I posted a watercolour, and called it “Mother and Baby 1.A”. This is a reoccurring theme/subject matter for my art; and as a mum of four boys (fine young men now) – understandable! Blessed and thankful†.

I do so many similar to this one, that it’s quite difficult to come up with a new title for these artworks; so I’ve decided to give them a series number, and alphabetical order. As I did for a recent “Flower” series.

Perhaps, these are not such inspiring titles, nevertheless, a way to keep a record of some work/play. I may also do this for other paintings and drawings in subject matter that I often revisit.

In another post here, I “wax lyrical” about the joys (and trials) of being a mum, and have some images in: oil pastel resist, monotype with watercolour, art app media….

I was recently notified by WordPress, that I’ve clocked up five years of blogging, and have made 200 posts. I’m quite pleased about that; so far, it’s been quite a rewarding experience. 

I still plan to eventually turn my website into a book“a sort of odd family heirloom”, as I’ve called it before. I may have to do it in a set of seperate volumes!

Blogging (still don’t find it an attractive word) is a great way to keep track of some of my art journey – and to be inspired by many artists/writers, and hopefully to be a help and encouragement to others. On that point, within the next few days, I hope to squeeze in one more post before my annual blogging break. 

Thanks for visiting!

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