A Collection of Landscape and Still life Sketches

*Watercolour, ink pen, with colour pencil. I drew this on a A6, piece of 200gsm Reeves, “responsibly sourced”, acid free drawing paper. This has a lovely surface for both wet and dry art media, and compares well with some of the other more expensive brands I use.

Most of these sketches were inspired by walks in our local bushland area, and every day scenes at home. I took photos for reference, but mostly I drew them from memory and imagination.

Dark Sepia Pitt Artist pen, with watercolour and coloured pencil, on Fabriano Bristol 250gsm paper. A rather smooth paper, the watercolours sort of slip over it oddly – though I can make that work. I really like how pencil feels travelling over it, and love how its bright white surface makes colour pop!

I’m quickly filling up in my tiny handmade sketchbooks, and have worked in these smaller sizes frequently over the years. I share more about them here. They are a handy way to keep up my drawing/watercolour practice; and to experiment further on a variety of paper surfaces.

From my sketchbooks….each page is about 7cm x 10cm. Ink pen, watercolour, gouache pencil…. just picked out a few pages to share here, take way too long to upload them all! The long handled stapler is great, though still keen to try binding them with a cotton saddle stitch.

I unearthed two tiny watercolours of mine recently. A bit of disrepair is visible, (see below) as they’ve travelled around my home in various places, for about 20 years. The coloured pencil drawing (with water soluble coloured pencil) is new.

I think a lot can fit effectively within a very small space. That’s what I also find when writing a “Haiku”.

Still life drawing and landscape sketch
Love how textures of a paper can add something to a sketch. This sketchbook is tiny, a page is only 5cm x 7cm.
Inkpen, watercolour, watersoluble graphite pencil in handmade sketchbook.

Watercolour, ink pen, coloured pencil, watersoluble graphite pencil… in an A5 Art Spectrum, Draw and Wash pad. I bought this years ago, and just found it again. Lovely paper.


Watercolour pencil, ink pen, a slick of marker pen, water soluble graphite pencil, coloured pencil…..

Watercolour, ink pen, Daler Rowney Bleed-Proof White,  in handmade sketchbook.
Thanks for visiting!  Keep safe.

Watercolour, inkpen and pencil in handmade sketchbook. They are supposed to be magpies in the trees… another bird I love…plan to draw one soon.

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