Woman in a Hat, and Other Work in Various Art Media

I drew this with my fingertip in the latest update of the “Zen Brush” app, “Zen Brush 3”. I’ve long enjoyed the “Zen Brush” app, with it’s remarkable, inky media – both the blacks and greys in the the first edition; and the lovely reds and pinks available in the 2nd update.

The ink can be set to run a little or a lot, in quite a realistic fashion – even more so in this recent edition. I used the handy screen recording option on the iPad for this quick, little example video below. I put my website/blog address and name on the video using an excellent app called, “Vont”.

Also there is a collection of quite beautiful colours to choose from. I’m yet to fully investigate the media in this app – sure going to have fun doing that!

I really like the selection of colours…
At any stage of the drawing you can switch the look of the paper. This is the plain paper, different to the one at the top of this post.
I painted a watercolour, roughly copying the print I made of my Zen Brush 3 drawing.

I’ve managed to do more daily art than I thought I would during the house renovations – as mentioned in my previous post – with more renos to come, thankful†.

I’ve put a few works together below. Presenting them in this way not only helps me get a clearer picture (pun intended 🙂) but saves a lot of uploading time!

A few of them are finished, and I may frame them. I already have some acid free, pre-cut mat boards and frames. Many of my sketches and watercolours…also give me ideas and visual info for acrylic (or perhaps oil) paintings.

The top left “Mother and Baby” print, I drew in the Zen Brush 3 app. It printed up really well. I’ll show a closer look in another post. The pears are two drawings I also did in Zen Brush 3, using a dark toned background, which I printed on (non inkjet) watercolour and drawing paper. I added watercolour and coloured pencil to them. For the rest, I worked in: ink pen, coloured pencil, watercolour…and some water soluble Neocolour 1 for the woman on the bottom left.

I’ve continued to make some little (A6) sketchbooks. A few are tiny – half the size of the A6 ones. Some I’ve stapled, others I’ve sewn with linen thread, and have also used “Brads” to bind them together. These are a fun way to try out various types of paper – love paper!

The two lower right ones have printed covers. I sometimes use a heavier weight paper for the covers. The bigger sketchbook left middle, is a A6 Derivan Accordian sketchbook – a style I plan to try.
I was surprised how well these “Brads” worked. The pages open quite flat. I printed the cover from one of my watercolours. If I use this for a cover again, think I’d soften the edges around the print and add the tiny flying birds to it within an app – I used a pencil to draw the birds here.

Below is an Instagram post which also shows the “Brads” in this handmade sketchbook.

Watercolour, coloured pencil and Ink pen on A4 Canson 220 drawing paper. I carefully brushed on a layer of acrylic matte medium to create a fresh surface. This helps me to more easily apply some extra coloured pencil work.

Thanks for visiting; stay safe.

P.S I’m yet to do a post in the new WordPress “Block” section (perhaps will eventually) seems so difficult to understand. I used the admin dashboard (as usual) for this post. Though have to persevere to get here, as I’m often redirected to the new “Block” editior!

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