iPad Prints – One with Coloured Pencil, and a Sepia Print.

This is drawn freehand, from memory and imagination with: ink pen, Gesinski ink, and a bit of smudging with the smudge tool, in the Procreate app. A quick sketch…then as I refine it a little I try to leave in some of the lively initial marks; an approach I generally use whether on paper or the iPad.

I printed it onto Arches, 100% cotton, hot pressed watercolour paper, then added coloured pencil. This has quite a smooth surface, which I often prefer for pencil.

The iPad drawing has colour – which you can see in the video further along – but I decided to print it in black and white and add colour afterwards.

This is a Sepia version that I also printed onto Arches paper.

There’s quite a few non-inkjet papers I’ve experimented with for my iPad art, and for reproduction prints. Sometimes, I add watercolour to a print; the pigment inkjet inks work well with watercolour – in that they don’t run.

Occasionally I use some lovely matte papers, made specifically for inkjet printing. However, they have paper surfaces that impede the flow of watercolour media, and I don’t like how pencil looks on them. More info about papers I use and my printing processes here.

Thank you for viewing my work. 

Enjoy your day! Stay safe.

9 thoughts on “iPad Prints – One with Coloured Pencil, and a Sepia Print.

    1. I’ve drawn faces, usually women since childhood…sometimes portraits, though usually from my imagination – perhaps there are elements of me…(there’s a small photo of myself on my “About” page, not keen to share more). Essentially, it’s always a soothing sort of experience, a way to express feelings …
      In recent years, as I pray about more ways to share my Christian faith in a more direct way through my art (which can be difficult to do visually) these “faces” have come to the fore. Your comment is definitely an encouragement, thanks! And thank you for your blog posts – with your inspiring words of faith, in both prose and poetry, and your art! 🙂


    1. The word “software” is a little foreign to me, as my major entry to the tech world, is in the use of “apps” on an iPad. I use my iPad and “apps” for all my online activities. Within the “Procreate app” is where I drew this – it has lovely naturalistic media. I draw with my fingertip on the screen, rather than with the Apple Pencil. There’s lots of info about the “apps” and processes I use on my pages, https://janetteleedsart.com/about-my-art-apps-and-books/ and https://janetteleedsart.com/printing-ipad-art/ Thank you for your question. 🙂

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