Four Landscapes

Landscape 1.

The inspiration for these four landscapes comes from the countryside surrounding the little Australian country town, that I’m blessed to live in.

Often the distant mountains are bright blue, and the sky’s blaze red in the sunsets, or sadly in the past, from bushfires…

Landscape 2.

I drew/painted these from memory, and a with a large dash of imagination – a common approach for me with most subject matter.
I’m not keen to work, as it is called ‘en plein air’. Instead I prefer to just soak it all in when I’m out walking, and do the artwork later. Occasionally I take some photos for reference.
I used some lovely, naturalistic media in the Procreate app for these studies. I draw on one layer, which works well for me – actually, I find the layer system a little confusing.

Landscape 3.

A quick video below of the above image unfolding. I think I like it best about 8 seconds into the drawing!

Though I like to use lots of line work, I’m also keen to also explore a more painterly, tonal approach – as I mention in this post here.

My iPad drawings are great for gathering ideas for further work in: acrylic, watercolour, mixed media…perhaps oils; but also, as finished works in themselves – sometimes I print them.

After our recent (count my blessings†) kitchen/dining, etc renovations I bought a new, large poster print (see below) of “Landscape 1.”, from my Red Bubble shop, for the dining room wall. I set it to private to order it, though I may make them all available to the public through there.

Intrigued to see two crosses within the frame, formed by the reflection of kitchen barstools. *In the end I took it out of the frame and used some special poster adhesive tape (that’s supposed to not damage the wall) to put it up with, which works quite well.

I use the “Big Photo” app, to “up” the pixel size of my image, before I upload it to my Red Bubble site. This app enables quite big image sizes, and the printed image quality is excellent!

More about apps I use here, and about my art that I print myself, on the page: “Printing iPad and Traditional Art”.

Landscape 4.

It’s been quite a year, though thankfully in many ways we’ve faired quite well here in Australia.
I’ll be back with a blog post, at some stage in early 2021.

Thanks for visiting; wishing all a Happy New Year! Stay safe.

“Cause me to hear your loving kindness in the morning, for I trust in you. Cause me to know the way in which I should walk, for I lift up my soul to you.” Psalm ‭143:8‬ ‭WEB‬‬

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