An Array of Art – Watercolour, Pencil, Inkpen, Gouache….

*Watercolour and pencil in my 13cm x 16cm Khadi cotton sketchbook.

Hi, back from my annual blogging break. Over the past few months since my last post, I’ve finished, and nearly finished quite a lot of artwork/play. Just a few sketches here today; plan to do another post shortly.

I’ve also continued to sharpen my skills in making my own inkjet prints of my art both in traditional, and iPad art media i.e: trying different papers, fine tuning the editing of images, and also using watercolour and pencil over a inkjet/digital print. I share more about this on my page: Printing iPad and Traditional Art.

As I sifted through bits and pieces to share here, it helped me to see (which is often the case) where I’ve been and where I may want (or need) to go in my art investigations. There’s always much to learn – this makes for a exciting, though sometimes frustrating journey.

So thankful† for the time and materials to keep on making art – or as it may often be – making a mess!

Watercolour and pencil in a sketchbook.
Charcoal and watercolour
Charcoal and watercolour
A drag of a charcoal block across the textured surface (A5 Winsor&Newton cotton paper sketchbook) then added watercolour.
Watercolour and inkpen in a A5 Winson&Newton cotton paper sketchbook.
Dabbing down colour, without lines..I plan to try more of this approach. This is in my Khadi cotton paper sketchbook.
Still life watercolour
I have a few different coloured inkpens quite like this orange pen.
A quick sketch in one of my handmade sketchbooks, with my Pentel Brush pen – love this pen! Then some coloured pencil and watercolour. I’ve since erased the staples in Procreate as per the video below. I printed it and added more colour on the print, which also helps disguise the middle join area.
Inkpen and watercolour in A5 Winsor&Newton cotton paper sketchbook.

Thank you for viewing my art. Have a great day! 

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