Recent Art: Watercolour, Inkpen, Art App Media…

*I began this with inkpen, on A5 Cotton paper, then added watercolour and gouache.

These are a few more works from recent months.

I often draw faces, usually women, and have done so since childhood. 

Print of woman’s face
Drawn with my fingertip in the Procreate app, then I printed it onto A5 cotton paper.

Occasionally I’ve drawn portraits for people, but these days I prefer to mostly draw faces from memory (not of anyone in particular, a little bit of myself I suppose) and imagination. 

Woman’s face in inkpen and watercolour
A quick sketch with my Pentel brush pen, and watercolour on A6 Khadi cotton paper.
Woman’s face in art app media
Drawn with my finger tip, using the lovely inks in the Zen Brush 3 app. Amazingly watery media.
Woman and dog in Pentel brush pen and art app media
A quick drawing using my Pentel brush pen; then drew in colours with media in Procreate. The video below shows the colour being added.


In my local area, I sometimes have my art for sale, and I’m thinking of having some of my work, mostly prints to sell in my shop here. I’m quite pleased with how my printing skills have improved – both in making “reproduction” prints, and producing prints of my iPad drawings.

And pleased that I can do it all using my iPad – so handy!

However, I’m yet to open the shop as I’m still battling with using the new block editor! I move between using the old WordPress admin editor, and then have to use the blocks when that mucks up – which is often since this new editor has arrived. Not a fan of it at all! Due to difficulties in using the new block editor, it’s taken me ever so long to write and put together this post:  a challenge – just as well I don’t mind challenges.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you have a great day!


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