Siftings of Art – and Snaps of my Studio

This is painted with a mix of media. I began with a 9B Lyra water-soluble graphite stick on a 8” x 10” canvas board; and finished with layers of gouache, watercolour, Inktense ink washes, and acrylic matte and gloss medium.

I wasn’t sure where I was going with this – there’s photos of the beginnings below. Though a plan is often a good way to start, sometimes it’s fun to begin a drawing or painting in a spontaneous manner – perhaps with just an inkling of an idea. This is often my approach when it comes to “faces”, usually woman; which I’ve drawn constantly (incessantly!) since childhood. Many from “looking” but mostly from my imagination and memory.

Since my revisit (wrestle) with acrylics, I’m finding white paint and gesso very helpful! As it is, I tend to use acrylics as part of a mixed media piece. I still prefer the ebb and flow of watercolour washes (and gouache), and using the white of the paper (love paper) for highlights and to help create tonal values. Even though it’s trickier to “wing it”, as I often like to do.

Watercolour and inkpen
Dark brown inkpen drawing with washes of watercolour

I mentioned about my new studio in my last post. So thankful† to have this extra space; and as nowadays I have more time for my art, I’m certainly making good use of it.

We built it on land that we have, right next door to our house, and it can double as a guest room when needs be. Here’s a photo compilation of it.

Photos of art studio interior.
There’s a little kitchenette, and toilet/bathroom – so handy! Plenty of art display room and space for art materials. And a little lounge area…with lovely outside views. Much of the furniture and various bits and pieces, are from my parents and in laws, (who have now sadly passed away) and bring fond memories of them.

I’ve made thorough use of my new art space; with many different projects on the go. These past few months, I took snaps of my various art pieces, however, before I’d get to upload and write about them I’d be onto the next project…and, of course, any pauses were taken up with the matters of everyday life!

Glad I finally found time to put this blog post together. It helps me to “see” where I’m going – and importantly, I hope sharing my art here is a help and/or of interest to others.

This is a mix of watercolour, Inktense inks, gouache acrylic mediums…. On a 8” x 10” canvas. We have a lot of King Parrots (and other native Australian birds) visiting us daily.
I used the black watersoluble Stablio “Woody” pencil, and a bit of gouache onto a canvas prepared with watercolour gesso. Kinda like this surface, not sure – still experimenting with it. A work in progress.
Some A6 and smaller watercolours, gouache and coloured pencil work.
Top right is an A4 watercolour on cotton paper. The others are smaller than this…used watercolour, charcoal pencil…
I’ve continued to make some sketchbooks, some are tiny. The two pics of trees at the front are prints I reproduced from a couple of my sketchbook drawings.

I often use my iPad for many of my creative ventures..and I still draw on it. I spent quite a few years intensively drawing with my fingertip on the screen, dipping into lovely, natural looking art app media. All the more rewarding when I discovered ways to give my iPad art “physical” homes in print.

I also make “reproduction” prints of my art in traditional media, and enjoy trying various types of lovely non-inkjet, and inkjet papers. Theres’s more info on my page, “Printing iPad and Traditional Art”.

I bring my traditional art on paper and canvas into the iPad, by using the iPad camera. Sometimes I draw on it a bit more by taking it into the “Procreate” app.

Watercolour, Inktense ink washes, white acrylic paint on beautiful handmade A5 Khadi paper.

I count my blessings† for the extra time (and space) I now have for my art. Certainly during the years of raising a family of four boys – young men now – time was scarce for drawing and painting. But that’s fine – wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hopefully I’ll get back to posting more regularly…I enjoy it. As I live in a (very) small Australian country town, sharing my art online here is a handy way to connect and share my art with others – all over the world!

Thanks for visiting and viewing my art. Have a great day. 🙂


12 thoughts on “Siftings of Art – and Snaps of my Studio

    1. I thought highly of Queen Elizabeth, and was sad about it too. Hmm, there is a likeness, didn’t realise that…did the drawing about that time. Perhaps all my of watching about her on the t.v was a “unintentional” influence. 🙂


  1. I also find blogging my paintings and commentating on them helpful, just for myself. It also allows me to look at them from a slightly different viewpoint – even though that is just a computer screen. It’s even better when someone else points out issues, that you would never have considered.

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    1. Yes it can be illuminating putting together a blog post. And I’ve also appreciated many a insightful (and kind) comment over the 8 years or so that I’ve been posting here. The WordPress community are generally a friendly bunch.🙂

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  2. After what seems like a long time, it’s such a pleasure seeing a blogpost from you filled, as usual, with refreshingly delightful art. Ann and I are two days away from moving out of California and “back east.” We’ll be with a relative for a while while we look for a permanent residence. So, I’m glad to begin the transition with such a pleasant reminder of you and your beautifully executed and interpreted artwork.

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    1. Thank you so much Paul for your lovely comment! It’s nice to be back here.
      It sounds like you’re having a busy time over there. You’ll miss your beautiful garden, but I’m sure Ann (and you) will enjoy creating another one when you find your new home. Don’t know where “back east” is…but I do wish you both well with your move.
      I really enjoy your posts; how you cleverly intertwine your ideas and words with your delightful iPad drawings – often so humorous too.🙂


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