Tonal Attempts in Acrylic and Mixed Media

Towards the end of last year I have moved most of my art materials into my new art room/studio. A pretty exciting event. It’s a lovely space that we’ve built onto our land right next door to where we live. It also doubles as a guest room when/if needed – so there is a kitchenette and bathroom as well.

I’m a fairly tidy artist, so there’s no major rearranging to do if we have family or friends stay. There’s a photo from in there below; I’ll share more of it in another post. My home is still set up with art spaces to work in as well…feeling rather spoilt and thankful†! 

A mix of sizes here: 5”x7”, 4”x4”, 3”x 4”. I put magnet tape on the back of them for a (ever changing) display on a magnetic boar in my art room. The one top left is the one on the bottom in the first pic in this post. Prob should have taken a closer up photo…The pic on the wall above is a watercolour that I’ve enlarged to A4 size and printed…on the floor to the right is a black brush pen drawing with watercolour, I’ve enlarged and printed. On the the floor on the other side is a largish acrylic painting….that I’m not happy with.

I had the oil paints out for tiny bit – lovely lush feel and colours, but so slow to dry! Will try them again – eventually.

Sketchbook pages
Watercolours and inkpen in my Winsor&Newton cotton paper sketchbook

The next painting is inspired by a view of paddocks just across the road from my art studio.(Been calling it an art room, but studio sounds rather nice!) Not so much a tonal style, more a series of patterns….in many ways composition is like creating interesting patterns.

Painting of a landscape
Acrylic painting on cotton paper…which I put into an A4 frame – no glass…will need to apply an isolation coat, and then varnish it.
Small landscape painting
I began this with some black inkpen scribbles on paper, and then added some watercolour washes, and acrylic gel medium, and some acrylic colour glazing. And then put it in a 4” x 6” frame …without glass. I’ll apply varnish eventually as well. It’s on my kitchen bench.

Thanks for visiting here, and I hope you have a lovely day!

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