A Few Faces and other Recent Artwork

*This is printed with fade resistant, pigment ink, on my inkjet printer, on Arches 300gsm, hot press, watercolour paper. It began as a quick pencil sketch, which I scanned into my iPad with the Scanner Pro app, then took into Procreate, to add more media. Below is the beginning small pencil sketch, from memory and imagination.

The bird I think reflects the many beautiful visiting parrots we have around our way. I also share another one (further along) from the same sketch – similar, but also very different. The videos show how they unfold.Pencil drawing of woman’s face

I also put together a collection of some of my recent drawings and watercolours, onto a page in the ”Book Creator”  app – wonderful app! And typed in some info.

As I sketch quite a lot in a week, it’s a handy way to share a few here – and keep track of my art journey, or at least some of it.

A collection of art
Recent work put together on a page in the Book Creator app.

It’s funny how over the years you can find yourself returning over and over, to the same subject matter. Though my faith, hope, peace….in Jesus Christ, always remains my inspiration, and underlying theme.

Woman’s face
A print on Bamboo paper, also from the initial pencil sketch above.

I often print on watercolour or drawing paper, instead of an “inkjet” paper. As usually I intend to work further on the print, rather than it being the finished product.

Most “inkjet” paper has a finish that impedes the flow of watercolour, and inhibits a smooth application of pencil.

Paper can make a huge impact to the print quality overall. And I’m learning how the paper I choose, can add a particular character or visual flavour, to the print. Of course with my iPad art, a print is needed for it’s final home.

I share about various aspects of my printing processes, on the page, “Printing iPad and Traditional Art” here.

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