A Few Recent Works – Ink Pen, Watercolour, Gouache…

With all the flourishing of lines, and whooshing down of watercolour lately, I’m not sure If I did washes first in this one, or the ink pen, a bit of both I think…

I used the “Kuretake Gansai Tambi” watercolours, I bought a little while back. Love the large pans of colour.

I began with a red watercolour pencil, then used watercolour, and gouache. I like how the red colour is infused throughout the painting.

I used the Scanner Pro app, to bring them into the iPad. In Procreate, I set the eraser to No.6 charcoal to erase any shadows around the edges. I sometimes make tiny changes, to my scanned in images, and often go back and make the same changes to the original.

Woman with dog painting
Watercolour, graphite pencil, ink pen and gouache.
Watercolour and Ink pen of pears
I felt like this could be titled, “In the wings”…. an expectant group of fruit waiting to go on….
Some work from the last few weeks.

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