Some Recent Work

*Began with graphite pencil, on approx. 12cm x 17cm – 5” x 7” Canson 220gsm paper; with a little white oil pastel to provide some highlights. It’s only when adding the watercolour washes, that I could clearly see where I’d applied the oil pastel – which was part of the fun. I also used a bit of watercolour pencil as well.

I plan to do more work with oil pastels – an art medium I worked in many years back.

I often have this A4 sketchbook, (by “Nero”) open, with various art media at the ready. It’s become a favourite of mine. This link goes to the A5 sketchbook, not sure if they make an A4 version of this one anymore.

On the left, I used gouache, (really enjoying my adventures in gouache) without an underlying drawing; on the right, I did a quick drawing with a Pentel Brush pen, then added some watercolour washes…and a few tiny touches of white gouache.

Ink pen and watercolour trees
Ink pen and watercolour. I did this on a skinny watercolour paper offcut. Approx. 4.5cm x 11cm, nearly 2” x approx. 4”.

As ever, I like a swish of ink or pencil lines, to be visible in my watercolours. Aside from liking the look of them, I find a certain amount of security in this approach.

However, taking a leap into uncharted paths in art is exciting, and a help in learning where you want to go. You can always return to familiar territory, and if you wish, add any new discoveries into the mix!Flower and pear painting

Graphite pencil and watercolour: approx. 10cm x 15cm – 4” x 6”. Need a bit more yellow on flowers. Pears are a persistent subject matter of interest to me.

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