Landscapes – Watercolour, Gouache, Pencil, Ink Pen, Art App Media…

*I painted this on A4 220gsm Canson drawing paper – it holds washes surprisingly well, for a drawing paper. I began with some quick lines using a “Faber-Castell, Dark Sepia Pitt” artist pen, and then added watercolour.

These are a few of the many landscapes I’ve attempted in recent months. I’m finding this quite a challenge – as it’s not a subject matter I’m well versed in – yet.

At the moment, I’m playing around with shapes and colours, working mostly from memory and imagination – which I often like to do. I take mental notes, and sometimes photos, and do a little sketching usually when I’m out walking with our dogs.

Below is a small print I made of the landscape above, on a beautiful Japanese “Premio Kozo White”, Inkjet paper, which I bought online here.

Though I didn’t use them here, I discovered while adding a touch of colour to a different printed image, this paper receives coloured pencils really well!

This Kozo inkjet paper has a lovely, slightly textured surface. Though called “white” it has an attractive creamy coloured tinge to it.
Watercolour, pencil, ink pen and little gouache, on watercolour paper.

I recently bought a set of watercolours called, “Kuretake Gansai Tambi” – a Japanese brand. The colours are vivid, and seem richly pigmented. Some are little more opaque in colour than watercolour, closer to gouache.

Art materials
Love dipping my brush into these large rectangles of lolly looking colours.
A row of trees
I used watercolour media in the UBrush Pro app.
Tree and Bird
A quick sketch with my black Pentel Brush Pen, such fun to use. Added a bit of Gesinski Ink colour washes in Procreate.
Bird in a tree
A quick waltz around with a black/brown paint pen, in the Art Set Pro app, then added washes of Gesinski ink, in the Procreate app.

In the drawing above I used a simple illustrative style. A fresh look which I think particularly suits greeting cards – which I sometimes make.

I like to see my art on practical items, and choose some particularly for this purpose. I place the designs on products in my Red Bubble shop. It’s easy and fun to do; and I can also order some for my own use, and personalised gifts.

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