Landscapes – Watercolour, Gouache, Pencil, Ink Pen, Art App Media…

*I painted this on A4 220gsm Canson drawing paper – it holds washes surprisingly well, for a drawing paper. I began with some quick lines using a “Faber-Castell, Dark Sepia Pitt” artist pen, and then added watercolour.

These are a few of the many landscapes I’ve attempted in recent months. I’m finding this quite a challenge – as it’s not a subject matter I’m well versed in – yet.

At the moment, I’m playing around with shapes and colours, working mostly from memory and imagination – which I often like to do. I take mental notes, and sometimes photos, and do a little sketching usually when I’m out walking with our dogs.

Below is a small print I made of the landscape above, on a beautiful Japanese “Premio Kozo White”, Inkjet paper, which I bought online here.

Though I didn’t use them here, I discovered while adding a touch of colour to a different printed image, this paper receives coloured pencils really well!

This Kozo inkjet paper has a lovely, slightly textured surface. Though called “white” it has an attractive creamy coloured tinge to it.
Watercolour, pencil, ink pen and little gouache, on watercolour paper.

I recently bought a set of watercolours called, “Kuretake Gansai Tambi” – a Japanese brand. The colours are vivid, and seem richly pigmented. Some are little more opaque in colour than watercolour, closer to gouache. From what I can gather, aside

Art materials
Love dipping my brush into these large rectangles of lolly looking colours. These need a bit of a clean up!

from a few, they are reasonably lightfast – according to a helpful review I read, here.  It’s about half way down the page, and there’s also some lightfast information on other art brands.

A row of trees
I used watercolour media in the UBrush Pro app.
Tree and Bird
A quick sketch with my black Pentel Brush Pen, such fun to use. Added a bit of Gesinski Ink colour washes in Procreate.
Bird in a tree
A quick waltz around with a black/brown paint pen, in the Art Set Pro app, then added washes of Gesinski ink, in the Procreate app.

In the drawing above I used a simple illustrative style. A fresh look which I think particularly suits greeting cards – which I sometimes make.

I like to see my art on practical items, and choose some particularly for this purpose. I place the designs on products in my Red Bubble shop. It’s easy and fun to do; and I can also order some for my own use, and personalised gifts.

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