Lively Lines and Brushstrokes….on the iPad, and on Paper.

I painted this (freehand, with my finger) using the “old brush” in the Procreate app, and also used the smudge tool set to “old brush”. There is a delightful, soft “feel” to the paint, and the smudge tool.

Though I’ve explored this app for a while, I’m yet to try all it’s brushes, pens and more… As an experiment, after printing this image onto watercolour paper, I also did a copy (though not exact) of it using watercolour and gouache, also on watercolour paper. You can see them both below.

Two paintings
The one on the left is the print from the Procreate app. I’m pleased with the natural look of the print. I added a touch of watercolour on the large tomato, and a little yellow colour next to it. With the watercolour and gouache on the right, I left it loose around the edges of the painting…hmm, could also do that on the other one.

I don’t venture much into using the app’s layer system, except to occasionally change the surface colour, or make it into a transparent layer. I’m happy to continue with building up art media on the one surface, much as I do paper or canvas.

Sometimes, before I do a “reproductive” print, I draw on it further in Procreate, to make some changes to the scanned in (I usually use the “Scanner Pro” app for this) drawing or painting.

In this first example below, I did a quick sketch using an Artline ink pen. When I brush water over this water based pen, it makes lovely whooshy washes, travelling in unexpected ways… And I love that by printing it, I change it into fade resistant pigment ink, as unfortunately the ink in this pen will fade quite a bit over time.

Another example below of making small changes to a work on paper, after taking it into the Procreate app. I began this drawing with a wash of watercolour, then drew over it with a Uni pin ink pen.

I’ve often drawn from observation, in quite a realistic manner, and helped others learn this vital (“learnable”) traditional skill. I feel that my long years (won’t say how long! 🙂) of drawing from “looking”, provide me with a good foundation for my drawings based on memory and imagination – an often preferred way of drawing lately.

Art app drawing
Another race around (with my finger) using the “old paint” brush in Procreate. Also used the eraser set to “old paint”.

There’s only a few art apps I’ve found that  provide good quality art media, and are importantly, user friendly.

I still enjoy using an art app called “Art Set Pro”, and find it’s user panel simple and visually delightful!

I share about some apps I use on my page, “Some App Information”, and about printing, on my page, “Printing iPad and Traditional Art”.

Being able to make an immediate good quality, pigment ink print at home, of my art, has enabled me to try various kinds of exciting combinations of both iPad art media, and traditional media. Of late, I’m experimenting more with using traditional media on a print. Spoilt for choices, and thankful†

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