Kangaroo Card – Pencil with Art App Media

The third and final – at least for now – in this series of Australian native wildlife drawings. I used the graphite pencil again on the “Reeves” 300gsm medium tooth, watercolour paper. And also applied freehand art app media in the Procreate app, to create a pastel looking finish. *Below is a video of the unfolding colour work, as I add media in the Procreate app.

I’m not quite as happy with my Kangaroo mum and Joey drawing, as with my previous two drawings – Koala mum and baby, and the Kookaburra.

After numerous adjustments I think it has just scraped through my quality control!

It was rewarding to do this little series; and I’m pleased to have them as part my growing collection of Art Cards and larger prints, which I prepare and print myself. 

Kangaroo mum and Joey
Layouts of my Kangaroo mum and Joey drawing, in the “Pages” app, for Art Cards and prints. I send them to my Epson printer from here.

I share more about my printing processes here.

As the weather warms up, and we have very little rain, we see more and more kangaroos coming closer to town, looking for food and water.

Hopefully, we also see them before they jump out in front of the car! A common occurrence on many Australian country roads – sadly for the kangaroos, and also the cars and occupants.

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