Pear-lescent – in an Art App, and on Canvas

My perusal (or perhaps pear – rusal) of pears continues; a long time favourite subject matter. And as in this previous post here, an opportunity for more word play.

I began this drawing “Pear-lescent” freehand with my fingertip, in the Art Set Pro app; and then finished it in Procreate. Below, adding more media in Procreate.

As well as being a reference for my acrylic painting (further along). It is an artwork itself, and I gave it a home in print, on a lovely inkjet, Premio Kozo, A6 paper. 

Print of pear painting
A print on Premio Kozo A6 paper. It looks a little blue here, but actually the paper is a lovely warm white colour.
Pear painting
This is my small 5’’ x 7” acrylic painting on the easel, with the art print of my iPad drawing. The painting is not quite finished.

I love how media in some art apps, particularly in Art Set Pro, so beautifully mimics the flow and splash of paint, oil pastels, and more… Certainly not all art apps are of this quality – I have more info on various apps, here. 

It’s proved a helpful art practice to use my iPad in this way; especially when time for using my acrylics and oils has been scarce.

I had a theory, that when our four young boys grew up (they’re young men now), great swathes of time for my art would open up – not so, but that’s fine. I’ve always managed to fit it in: with quick pencil or ink pen sketches, and trips into watercolour… As it is, this type of art media is still my “go to” – whether on paper and/or on the iPad.

Ink pen and watercolour flowers
Ink pen and watercolour on A3 watercolour paper.

Thankful† for all my art opportunities.

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