Light Over the Hills

“Light Over the Hills”  Mixed media.

I began with thin washes of acrylic paint onto an (6” x 8”) A5 approx. sheet of Strathmore Toned Tan, 300gsm mixed media paper. Then I brushed on some gouache, and worked/played with some coloured pencil on top.

When I had pushed the coloured pencil as far as I could, I brushed it over with acrylic matte medium, to create a fresh surface. This allowed me to use more pencil, to further deepen the colours and brighten the highlights.

Somewhere, in between the many layers of various media, I’m pretty sure I did a glaze of acrylic gloss gel medium, which was tinted with yellow acrylic paint. I then had to apply more matte medium, before adding more pencil or gouache, as they don’t work well on a glossy surface.

I have found if gouache is quite dry, and if I’m careful, there’s no shifting of the paint, when I brush an acrylic medium over it.

I’ll finish this with a gloss acrylic gel medium as an – “isolation” coat. Then varnish with gloss, then matte varnish (Winsor & Newton) to create a satin finish. This will enable me to place it in a frame without glass, yay!

Even though “Light over the Hills” is an imaginary scene, I was pleased I managed to capture the fall of light – something I’m often keen to achieve.

I’ll probably do a ”reproductive” print of this. Firstly, I’ll have to make the ever necessary, (and fun) adjustments, in colour and tone… and make some proof prints, to get the result I want – a creative process in itself!

Sometimes, I make changes via an art app along the way, and the print becomes a bit (or a lot) different to the original – fine by me.

Below, one of many Scriptures I love about “light”.

It will be a unique day which is known to the LORD—not day, and not night; but it will come to pass that at evening time there will be light.” Zechariah 14: 7 (WEB)

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