Landscape – in Mixed Media

*Watercolour, ink pen, coloured pencil and white gouache, on Canson Montval 185gsm, cold press, watercolour paper. Drawn from memory and imagination.

This is on a small A6 page from one of my handmade sketchbooks. I continue to tackle landscapes. They certainly lend themselves to some fun with abstraction.

At the moment I’m interested in experimenting with mixed media. I usually begin with some watercolour washes, then add a few ink pen markings (or visa versa) as a rough guide. Sometimes I begin with some graphite pencil lines… then build it up from there – and “try” not to overwork things!

I’m steadily filling up my little handmade sketchbooks.

I enjoy working quite small, and it allows me to know my trajectory rather quickly. If my colours turn too muddy or my lines go too astray, and I can’t rescue it – I just begin another one. I’m also working in an A5 size. As for my small acrylic paintings, sometimes I feel I’m on a steep learning curve!

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