Landscape – in Orange, Red and Grays…

Gesinski ink in the Procreate app. I also used the smudge tool set to Gesinski ink to get a more painterly effect. It’s from my imagination and not so much from memory, but just wanting to create a sense of mystery.

*There’s a tiny less work on the video, compared to the completed image above.

A freshness of colour, and boldness in brushstrokes are some things I’ve tried to achieve in my acrylic paintings – without much success!  In the past few months I’ve made many a muddy mess… I gesso over some of them, so I can reuse the canvas.

Recently I’ve enjoyed viewing paintings in a style called ”Tonalism”. This type of work usually has large swathes of moody colours, often within a similar tonal range. There’s plenty of lovely works under the tag #tonalism in Instagram, which you can see here.

My line work is often a dominant part of my paintings and drawings; I now want to try for a while (at least in my acrylic painting) doing almost the opposite – with a view to using a more tonal approach. 

I’ll begin afresh, with using this art app painting as a reference, and persevere! 

Enjoy your day! Stay safe.

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