Recent Landscapes – Gouache, Watercolour, Pencil, Inkpen…

*Gouache, watercolour, graphite pencil, Inktense ink washes… and layers of clear matte and gloss acrylic mediums on a 8” x 10” (approx. 20cm x 25cm) canvas board.

This is from memory and imagination… which seems often the way I draw and paint these days. My frequent walks around our neighbourhood and in the beautiful Australian bushland nearby, gives me plenty of inspiration. Sometimes I take photos for references.

I’ve experimented quite a bit with using watercolour and gouache on canvas. I love how versatile it is. In the initial stages of a painting, if things go astray, I can easily lift the paint with the brush or sponge, and sometimes I’ve used a toothbrush to freshen up the canvas – and then lay down more colour.

When the first paint layers are dry I carefully brush over some matte acrylic medium, which gives me a fresh surface to add more gouache and sometimes I add Inktense ink washes… I often tint the final acrylic gloss layers with a little gouache/inktense or acrylic colour… and occasionally use white acrylic if needs be.

I glued a piece of watercolour to a 4” x 4’” canvas board. When the first layer of gouache was dry, I carefully brushed over some matte acrylic medium and worked on it again with pencil and more gouache. Though it’s just as well to apply the gouache straight to the canvas – I do love working on paper.

In this way I can present a watercolour/gouache painting without having to frame it. However, I still do lots of work on lovely watercolour paper.

Although I’ve enjoyed my recent revisit to acrylics and oils, I’m not sure how much they’ll  feature in future art projects. Over the years I’ve found it easier and quicker – important when raising a family – to dip into watercolours and a bit of gouache (and in the last 7 years or so, draw on the iPad) and not have to worry about paint drying on the pallette and/or going gluggy. Plus I just love the ebb and flow of watercolour.

A quick inkpen and watercolour painting on A6 size paper.

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    1. I’m yet to try illustration boards; the smoother surface would be good. May order some. Canvas can be a bit too textured….though varies with the brand used. This was on a “Mont Marte” brand canvas board, relatively inexpensive…acid free and not too roughly textured ~ cheerio, Janette 🙂


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