*A play with the delightful Gesinski Ink in Procreate. I also used the smudge tool, set to Gesinski Ink, and swished it over some areas. This adds a further painterly effect. I plan to do a print of it. I think a textured watercolour paper would suit this image. Firstly, as is my usual practice,... Continue Reading →

Three Works in Ink Pen and Wash

It’s the “Inktober” challenge this month. However, after doing 31 watercolours, in 31 days for the “WorldWatercolourMonth” challenge, I’ve decided to partake of this challenge in a more limited way. It’s not so much the drawing and painting daily (as most days I usually do some kind of art) as the posting online in various... Continue Reading →

At the Quarry

Watercolour, graphite pencil, watersoluble pencils, on 4” x 6” Arches 300gsm, watercolour paper. Day 26 of the World Watercolour Month challenge. These are rocky outcrops along the edges of our local creek, in an area called “the Quarry”.   It’s a popular swimming spot, with quite clean, clear water...though the colour of the water may not... Continue Reading →

Watercolour – Landscape 4

Watercolour on 4” x 6” Arches 300gsm hot pressed watercolour paper. I put on a tan border in the Book Creator app. Day 24 of the World Watercolour Month challenge. When I take our dogs out for a walk, I sometimes take photos, mainly as a reference for an artwork. I worked from one of... Continue Reading →

Watercolour and Gouache – Landscape 3

  Painted on A4 Kraft paper, with watercolour and gouache, over a watersoluble pencil drawing; and used a little white “Luminance” coloured pencil. Day 20 of the World Watercolour Month challenge. This is painted from the same reference photo I used on day 1 of this challenge - taken when out walking our dogs. Perhaps... Continue Reading →

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