Explorations – Watercolour, Pencil, iPad drawings, Art Prints….

Inkpen and graphite pencil in one of my sketchbooks. This is an inkjet print I did of it, on Canson 220 drawing paper. A gallery of works further along.

Over the years, I’ve continually tacked up my artworks: sketches, poems, watercolours… usually in the kitchen. As a mum of four boys (young men now) this is where I was for a large part of the day.

I’d jot down sketches, ideas, and notes…in between buttering toast and so on; and it helped to see where I was going. Or at least when I got “time”, where I wanted to go! I still find this helpful to do at home, and in recent years, here. As I sort and prepare some art to upload and jot down some notes underneath each image, I often gain further insights…

Some things I see (surprises me in what I don’t always perceive) is my continual seeking of: strong, lively, line work, light and shadow; a fondness for working small/miniatures…and graphite pencil drawing; a lean more towards whimsy…keen to write, illustrate and print more homemade books…will explore working looser and on larger canvases and paper…I know that I return to similar subject matter…want to explore doing a series of the one subject matter/theme in different art media….

*I’ve also recently updated my page, “Printing iPad and Traditional Art”, with additional information and links, which you can read here.

*To enlarge the images below, and to read the information on the captions, just tap on one of them.

While drawing in the Art Set Pro app (see the first face drawings at the beginning of the gallery) I used the iPad’s on screen recorder to make a video of the processes, see below.

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