Some Recent Artwork

I drew this with Neopastels 1 (non-watersoluble) and a little Neopastels 11 (watersoluble), on a small A6 piece of “Toned Blue, Mixed Media, 300gsm Strathmore paper.

For the photo, I lay it under a black mat board, and may attach it properly with “Artist” tape, then put it in a black frame. I have a quite a few of these small mat boards in both black and white.

Landscape drawing
Freehand drawn with art media in the Procreate app. Then I printed it onto lovely, Kozo inkjet paper

Over the past few months I’m pleased to have completed many small works, probably over a hundred – not uncommon for me, and not really due to the stay at home situations. Not to make light of what is happening in the world, but I tend to be quite a stay-at-home – my favourite place to be. Thankful† to have a home, and a safe one!

Landscape watercolour
I painted this in watercolour on paper, inspired from a landscape I drew in the Procreate app, here. Size: A6
House in Watercolour
Inkpen and watercolour in an A5 sketchbook. A view across the road from our front lounge room window.
Watercolour landscape
Watercolour, inkpen watersoluble graphite pencil and coloured pencils, on 100% cotton watercolour paper. Really pleased with the quality of this reasonably priced “Montmartre“ brand paper.
Watercolour still life
Inkpen and watercolour in A5 sketchbook. I like the puddles of watercolour in this one… Sometimes I use watercolour too tightly…half the fun of it is to let it run free!
Still life sketch
A fun drawing in a A4 sketchbook. Graphite pencil, neopastel 1, coloured pencil, black watersoluble pencil…
A quick freehand sketch, using the: charcoal, inkpen, Gesinski Ink, and smudge tool, in the Procreate app.
Landscapes in inkpen and watercolour
Inkpen and watercolour
I drew this freehand with the delightful new pastel tool, in the Tayasui Sketches app. Also used the smudge tool.
Inkpen, Neopastel 1, Neopastel 11, pencil… in an A4 sketchbook. Fond memories of precious baby days, with our four boys – young men now.

I’m also sharing some art on my Instagram site, which you can view here.

Enjoy your day! Stay safe.

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