Effervescently Thank You

Watercolour and graphite pencil, on Strathmore 300gsm 5” x 7”, cold pressed watercolour paper. Day 31 - and the final day of the World Watercolour Month challenge! This vase of wattle sits in the corner of our local cafe, and greets me with effervescent waves of yellow, and blue-greens... I welcome it with washes of watercolour,... Continue Reading →

A Tango of Gumleaves and Flowers

Watercolour, watersoluble pencil, graphite pencil, on Art Spectrum A4 210gsm textured “Draw and Wash” paper. Day 28 of the World Watercolour Month challenge. A lively bunch, caught in paint and pencil! Thanks for stopping by.  

Flowers 4 – in Watercolour and Gouache

Watercolour and gouache, on 12.70cm x 17.78cm (5” x 7”) Strathmore cold pressed 300gsm watercolour paper. Day 7 of the World Watercolour Month challenge. This watercolour paper is becoming a favourite. It has an attractive texture, which takes a wash in a lovely way. I ended up cropping this a bit to improve the composition.... Continue Reading →

Watercolour – Flowers 3

Top left - black watersoluble pencil, watercolour and gouache top right - gouache; bottom - graphite pencil and watercolour. On Fabriano %25 cotton watercolour paper, 300gsm. Day four of the World Water Colour Month challenge. I took a photo of a sprig of geranium in the garden, to use as visual info for these watercolours. Even... Continue Reading →

Watercolour – Flowers 1

Watercolour, watersoluble graphite pencil, watersoluble coloured pencils, and gouache...on Strathmore 300gsm watercolour paper.  Size: approx. 16cm x 11cm. Day 2 of the World Watercolour Month challenge. Some aspects work ok....though too tight, and muddy in places! All good fun. 🙂 Hmm, don’t think I’ll add this to my ongoing flower series. Thanks for visiting!

Flowers 1.W – Pencil and Art App Media

Began with graphite pencil on paper, then scanned the drawing into the iPad.  I then brought it into the “Procreate” app where I drew in some colour (freehand) with the burnt tree and 4B charcoal, and darkened some of the line work with the ink bleed pen.  *I post here usually every two to 3 weeks; more... Continue Reading →

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